Google is bringing new interesting features in Android

Google is bringing new interesting features in Android


 A number of new features are going to be added to Android soon, including new widgets for YouTube Music, Google Play Books and Google Photos.  Also new updates are coming for the new Android Auto feature, Google Assistant and Google Photos.  The famous technology company Google has given this information in a blog post.

 This year's Android update will allow Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 users to use the phones as BMW car keys in certain countries.  Google announced in May this year that this feature would be the key to Android 12.

 Google recently announced that the new feature will be available in BMW's 2020 and 2020 models.  One of the new Android Auto features that will be coming soon is the car-friendly interface.

 Google is launching a new photo widget next week, where pictures of selected people and pets from the library can be set up specifically for viewing.  There are also updates to the Family Bell feature, so from now on it will work on mobile phones as well.  Family Bell is basically a reminder system like an alarm.

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