5 Common Question in Job interview

5 Common Question in Job interview

Interview Board FAQ:

 The biggest curiosity during the interview is - what should I be asked?  Although the actual feedback on this topic is only available during the interview, there are some questions in the interview that are usually asked.  You will be able to answer these questions with confidence through repeated practice.

 What can you say about yourself?

 This is a common question to start a conversation.  Here the employer wants to test your own beliefs more than your answers.  Answer briefly about your highest level of education, your work skills, and your other interests.

 What is your greatest strength?

 Answers like hard working, honest, etc. may seem very simple.  Remember that in answering this question, you will say something different from the above answer.  The best answer is: I love to meet new people.  I love learning new things or learning new things, or I love working with a team.

 What is your biggest weakness?

 Never say that I have no shortcomings or weaknesses in answering this question.  The best answer might be that I'm learning a new software, method or computer program that I haven't mastered yet.  Such answers show that you are interested in acquiring a higher level of skill / craft and are willing to work harder for it.

 Why do you want this job / Why should I give you this job?

 The answer to this question is never to say that I want to get the job for pay.  Remember the question is about work, not about salary.  Answer that my education / skills match the job description and / or I will be able to implement and improve my work skills through this job.

 How do you work under pressure?

 There may be other similar questions like this.  When you answer, focus on the company and the job you are being interviewed for.

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