Which organs can be donated? Learn the basics of organ donation on Organ Donation Day.

 Which organs can be donated? Learn the basics of organ donation on Organ Donation Day.

Organ Donation Day is celebrated on 13th August every year. This day is celebrated to make the general public aware and enthusiastic about the need for post-mortem organ donation. Millions of people suffer from paralysis. The only treatment for this disease is organ transplantation. So the more people donate organs posthumously, the more lives it will be possible to save.

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The number of organ transplants in our country is very low. Because even today many people are afraid to donate organs. So thousands of people die due to a lack of organ transplants alone. Physicians say that organ donation is a procedure where a person will donate an organ and the organ will be collected after his death and replaced, in the body of someone who needs that organ.

Living people can donate a portion of a liver from their two kidneys. Almost all organs can be collected from the dead human body for transplantation. However, not everyone can donate organs. Because it is not only when the heart stops beating, it is possible to collect organs from his body only if there is brain death. It is important to remember the age when donating organs. However, if a person is healthy and fit to donate organs even in old age, then he can donate organs even in old age. Of course with the advice of a doctor.

When donating organs, keep in mind how healthy you are. If you suffer from diseases like diabetes, cancer, HIV, you cannot donate organs. The organ you donate must be completely healthy. In the case of organ donation, it is important to match the blood group and cells of the donor and the recipient.

When the heart stops beating, the blood supply to other parts of the body also stops. In that case, other organs also become crippled quickly. But in the case of brain death, if the hospital is supported, the work of the heart continues for a while longer. Organ transplants can be done within that time.

A person can donate a heart, two lungs, two kidneys, intestines, and pancreas by post-mortem organ donation. Nowadays, hands and face are also being replaced. We all know that eye donation can be done. Skin, ligaments, bones, and heart valves can also be donated.


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