The older sister called Trump a "liar."

 The older sister called Trump a "liar."

US President Donald Trump Photo: Reuters

US President Donald Trump has been described as "lying", "cruel", "unprincipled" and "unbelievable" by his older sister, Marianne Trump Barry.

On August 22, the Washington Post released a secret audio recording, CNN reported. In that audio recording, Marianne Trump was heard making such remarks about younger brother Trump. The audio was recorded in 2018-19 by Trump's niece Mary Trump.

Marian Trump, 63, is a retired U.S. federal judge, the report said. The Republican National Convention begins on August 24. On August 27, the last day of the convention, President Donald Trump will deliver a speech accepting the party's nomination. And a few days ago, a secret audio recording of Trump was released.

"He's a liar," Marianne said in the audio recording of her 64-year-old younger brother, Donald Trump. His stinging tweet is false. I am saying it openly. ... he has no preparation for anything. He said he had asked Trump for help in the 1980s. And for that, Trump always took his own credit. He called Trump a "cruel" man.

"Trump is a cruel man, a liar," Barry added. He has no policy. He only thinks of himself. '

Chris Bastardi, a spokeswoman for Marie Trump, said Marie had been recording audio of Marion Trump Barry since 2016. Marie began this effort only after some extreme members of the family found out she was a liar.

Donald Trump file with older sister
 Marie Ann Trump Carrie Photo: Reuters

Marianne Trump Barry has not yet commented on the matter.

However, on the evening of August 22, a statement was issued by the White House in favor of President Trump. In a statement, Donald Trump recalled his brother, Robert Trump, who had recently died, saying, "Something is happening every day. I miss my brother. I will continue to work for the people of America. Our country has become much stronger than ever. '

Earlier, a 40-page book by Mary Trump entitled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man was published. In her book, Mary Trump, the daughter of the late Fred Jr., Trump's older brother, called Trump the most dangerous man in the world. In his book, the psychiatrist discusses the "toxic relationship" between his grandfather Fred Trump and his father Fred Jr. and uncle Donald Trump. However, Trump's late brother Robert Trump approached the court seeking a ban on the publication of the book. He alleged that the book was a breach of the agreement reached by Mary Trump on the issue of inheritance of assets by promising not to disclose family matters.


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