Facebook's new interface: Users say ugly

 Facebook's new interface: Users say ugly

Gradually, Facebook has started to open new interfaces on the desktop. From September, the company will force all users to use the new interface. News Reuters.

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Earlier, in May, Facebook unveiled the design of this new interface. However, many users have claimed that the new interface is ugly.

Meanwhile, the British tabloid Mirror reports that the new interface has a much simpler design than before.

In the new interface, Facebook has changed the blue color of the top bar of the website to white. Newsfeeds, Facebook messengers, notifications, watches, marketplaces, and group icons are placed in light gray in the upper bar.

On the other hand, instead of the Facebook logo, the company has put a round logo with only the English 'F' letter in bright blue.

However, despite the simple look, the initial customer response to the new design was not very satisfactory.

In a tweet, one user said that the new design of Facebook may be pressuring me to delete the account.

Another user said that anyone who has worked with the new design of Facebook should be fired. Yak.

Another user joked that the new design is a great feature of Facebook, but it is not at all attractive to him. Now he wants to leave as soon as he enters Facebook.

Incidentally, from September 1, Facebook will force all customers to use the newly designed interface.

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