The news of the marriage is a complete rumor: Bappi

‘Every year since the beginning of my film career, the news of my marriage has been published every year.  At the same time love news.  But my family is still looking for my wife.  They are just reading the news about my marriage.  But the wife never met them!  They are also disappointed with the matter.  Like Barar, I got married this year too - the news came.  At the time the news came, everyone in the family was worried about the coronavirus.  If the marriage was true, it would not be bad!  Everyone in the family would be happy.  He didn't have a bad time with his wife during the house arrest! '

 Bappi Chowdhury, the popular hero of Dhakai movie was saying the words.  Because he got married secretly without beating the drums!  According to a source close to the hero, the news was published on Saturday that he also took the bride home.

 After the news broke, Bappi tried to contact him repeatedly but his mobile phone was found switched off.  The hero was finally found on the phone on Sunday.  Talking about marriage, Bappi smiled and said, "Anyway, if I get married, I will let everyone know."  There is nothing to hide. "

 So the information that you call your wife 'Snow Maiden' is false? '  Bappi took some time for this question.  Then he said, "Actually, not 'Snow Maiden'.  I used to call a dear person 'Snow White'.  That was a few years ago, which is now a thing of the past. "

 Bappi, the protagonist of 'Sultana Bibiana' did not want to talk about this personal issue.

 According to a report published on Saturday quoting a special source, Bappi Chowdhury has been in love for a long time.  Earlier, he was seen walking with his girlfriend in different places of the capital including Hatirjheel.  This hero laughed when he wanted to know about it.  He is spending time at home with his wife as he has no work at hand during his coronation.  The source also said that Corona plans to go to the honeymoon if the situation is normal.

 Bappi laughed when he was informed about this information.  He said, now is not the time to listen to these rumors.  The time that is going on is a very bad time.  Now is the time to rethink our film.  The whole world has come to a standstill because of Corona.  The state of world cinema is not good either.  And the condition of our film is getting worse before Corona.  So at this point the film fighters should work as one.  I am not listening to these rumors so I am thinking of how to take myself and the film industry forward.

 So when is Bappi getting married?  He replied, "I will get married if I like the daughter of the family."  But I can't say when. '

 Meanwhile, Bappi Chowdhury started shooting on May 26 after living under house arrest for almost two and a half months.  The name of the movie about coronavirus is 'Covid-19 in Bangladesh'.  Syed Ahiduzzaman Diamond is constructing.

 Referring to the shooting, Bappi said, "Shooting has started in Hollywood and Bollywood.  Movie shooting has also started in our industry.  I started shooting a photo myself.  The worry is that the hall is closed now.  Even if the photo shoot starts, where will the pictures show?  We are not thinking of any platform other than the hall to show pictures.  I think hall owners, producers, directors and artists should think about it quickly.  Collectively, we need to find a way to release images on alternative platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Otherwise we will not be able to move forward.  I'll just go back.  The movie won't turn around anymore. '

 It is true that there is no other production company in the Dhaka film industry except a couple of production companies.  Still, it will not go away.  I have been sitting at home for a long time because of the corona virus.  Absolutely not what I'm sitting on.  If you just sit at home and think about movies, it will not happen.  You also have to work.  At this time, I am arranging everything on my own, I am planning.  Talking about the story with different directors.  Having online meetings with producers.  I am trying to bring the organizations that have a love for the film into production.  Even if we make this effort together, I think something good is possible, added Bappi Chowdhury.

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