How to write good content on the blog?

How to write good content on the blog?

If you are new!

Remember that writing is logical. Before writing, I want to know what you are writing, why you are writing. If you write about any of your hobbies, daily life, personal experience, you will arrange it well and write it in your diary.

First decide what to write, how to write
Writing depends on the writer's skills, tastes, collaborations and above all the needs of the site or topic for which he is writing. However, whatever the content, a web content writer has to research a specific topic and create a database. In the developed world, a content writer is called a journalist or a researcher. The line of action has to be adjusted according to the type of website.

The writing must be clear and important.
 As a writer, you need to remember that those who read your writing on the website will spend a certain amount of money per minute or hour. So he will want to read the necessary things in the shortest time. So you have to write information based, short thematic writing. As acceptance increases, so will the path to earning.

 Things to do to write a full content
How to write good content

1 / need to know the basics of internet use.
 Then there must be sharp concentration for research. Must have the ability to write the information in its own creative way and try to give the reader a new taste by organizing the collected information in an organized manner. Although completely new as a writer, there is no problem. However, it is better to have experience in journalism. You will succeed in this profession if you have the desire to write, good writing style and ability to choose timely topics.

2 / If you want to be an article writer, first you have to create the mentality of doing a lot of research.
 You can never write a good informative article without doing research.

Research means to know the topic you want to write about by doing research first. Then write a full information article on that topic. This will get visitors value from your article.

3 / Read a lot more.
The more you read, the better your writing skills will increase. Not just reading books, there are thousands of articles, blog posts on every topic on the internet. Start reading articles and blog posts on topics that interest you. It will not only increase your vocabulary, you will also learn how to write in an interesting way.

4 / How many word content will I write?
This question is common, how many words to write the content? Needless to say, what do you really want to work on? Blog or niche site? Amazon site or target Google Adsense? Or do you want to do both at one site? Many questions came together and I will tell the details one by one.

5 / What will be the length of the content?
According to experts, the content must be between 1000 and 1200 words, but you must look at the content length of your competitors. For example, if your competitor content is 1000 words long, then your content must be 1100 to 1200 words because there is a ranking factor involved and the content is called the king of ACO. The same formula is usually used in content blogs or niches.

Things that must be inside a full content
How to write good content

Use of headlines:
Headlines are a very important thing for writing on a blog. At the beginning of the writing, you must decide the heading of the writing very carefully. Because eighty percent of readers who see the headline intend to read an article. If your headline is not to the liking of a visitor, then he will never read your writing. It is very important that you give the written headline very well. The more beautiful the headline of your writing, the better the chances of visitors reading your writing. If your headline is not beautiful, no matter how good your writing is, no one will want to read your writing. Because a text is judged by the headline. You need to use a few H2 headlines according to the length of your writing.

Use pictures and videos
When writing your blog post you need to use beautiful pictures according to the topic of writing in the blog. So that the visitors can understand the subject of this article by looking at the pictures in the middle of your article. If possible, use an infographic image. So that visitors can also collect information from pictures. There are many users who do not like to read the text for a long time and try to know the information through the video. In that case, the video is very necessary.

Use of tags
A few tags can be used about your writing. Tracking a blog post can be as user friendly as it is important for a search engine. The use of tags in a blog post is very important for a user to have a clear idea about your post when they look at the techs while reading your blog post.

Determining the category
After you write a blog post, you must select a category before publishing the blog post. So that when a visitor clicks on a category to find a post in a category, your article will be moved to that category. So before publishing at the end of the article, you must determine a category that your article is actually written on a bad topic. Choosing the right category increases the likelihood that your article will reach visitors.

Keep the article as simple as possible.
 Don't use difficult words, write articles with the words we use in our daily life. No sentences need to be too long. Try to use more simple sentences. Complex Sentence: Use as little as possible.

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