How to get good marks in exam

Exam preparation 

Many of us have a lot of talent but due to a few mistakes or a few tricks they do not get good marks in the exams.

 Today I will tell you which subjects you will get good marks in the exam.

 1 / Pay attention in class and concentrate

 The best way you can increase your test scores is to concentrate and concentrate in class.  Make sure you are learning the material that you are taught in class  Once you don't understand, ask the teacher again and again.  Many of us don’t understand many things at first because we don’t concentrate properly.  Many people think that you have understood but go home and forget.  So you will understand properly by concentrating properly.

 2 / Inertia must be removed

 We don't understand much in class but we don't ask the teacher a second time due to inertia.  This cannot be done.  If you don't understand, you must understand the topic properly by asking questions  Remember the purpose of the teacher is to teach you.  The teacher will teach you if you want.

 3 / Take note of everything.

 This is important if you want to study more easily later.  Writing down the information in note form as you learn will help you a lot later, the note will help you understand your topic later when you don't understand your topics later.  You will have a reference when you go to study later

 4 / must do homework properly.

 You have to do your homework or assignments properly and do daily homework in addition to studying at home.  So it is important to do this homework.  Do your homework properly by setting a schedule and choose a quiet place for homework where it would be nice to do homework.

 5 / Master some tricks to remember easily.

 Use some easy to remember reading techniques.  Different memory tricks can be really effective for remembering some things like numbers, categories and lists.

 If you have to memorize a string of numbers, a memory trick is, for example, remember it as a phone number: 253-761-0925, instead of trying to remember 2537610925.  This way you can remember the dates.

 6 / Practice

 Practice. Ask your teacher or go online and test some exercises.  The practice test will give you an idea of ​​how much you know or how much you need to know. If you practice again and again before the test, you will find your weaknesses or deficiencies which are very important in getting good marks in your test.

 6 / Study frequently

 Just a few hours of study the night before the exam will never help you do well in the exam.  If you really want to excel in exams, study old and new topics every day or revise old things at least a few times a week.

 6 / Take a break from studying.

 When you study, take a break of 5-10 minutes after every 30 minutes of study so that your brain does not get extra stressed and the content read will be remembered for your exam.
 During study breaks, try not to give your brain more information.  You can listen to music during the study break.

 9 / Listen to the song-

 Your teacher or your parents may not allow you to wear headphones during an exam, but you should at least listen to music, especially classical music, before taking the test.  Can help you

 10 / proper eating

 The most important thing is to eat.  Being hungry during exams will upset you and make you tired.  Don't eat anything long before the test, because some foods can make you tired.  Instead, eat fatty and protein-rich foods shortly before the test begins.
 Healthy eating also boosts brain performance, so it is important to make sure you eat healthy at all times.

 11 / Good sleep

 If you don't sleep well, take extra reading pressure, you won't be able to focus properly.  Many of us stay up all night to study on the day before the exam. This cannot be done at all. We must not forget to sleep properly the night before the exam.  If you do not sleep properly, the brain will not be able to retain all the information it has.

 12 / Take all the necessary things.

 Take all the genes you need, such as calculators, pens, pencils, scales, clocks, and everything else you need, to the test center.  Not having these things means you can have a much worse time.

 13 / Drink plenty of water -

 Being dehydrated during exams can be confusing for your exams and reduce your ability to think clearly.  Try to stay hydrated before your test and take a bottle of water with you for the test.

 14 / Do not do anything different.

 If you are not used to drinking coffee, don't start suddenly.  Try not to make any changes to your basic routine the day or night before the exam.  It can really put you in danger.

 15 / Write important things first.

 Read the question correctly as soon as the test starts and mark the ones you can do well first and finish answering those questions.  Don't waste time thinking about other questions unnecessarily.

 16 / Distribute time -

 We often don’t focus on the time at the test center.  At the beginning of the test, you have to set a time for answering each question  Many times the answers to all the questions cannot be finished without allocating time properly.

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